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We offer a range of vaccinations such as Travel Vaccinations, Steroid Injections for arthritic and inflammatory conditions, Baby immunisations and more.

Women's Health

We provide a variety of services to support women's health, Dr Jennifer Smith is our resident expert offering advice on HRT, contraception, family planning and gynaecology in our practice.

Practice Services

Additional services


We can do referrals to hospitals all round Liverpool to the clinic of your choice for further treatment and 2nd opinions on your request. Treatment is available such as Physiotherapy, Orthopaedics, pain management, Gynaecology, Dermatology, Ear Nose and Throat, Rheumatology ect. We operate a choose and book system which is more efficient and affective way of meeting the patients needs, you can have the choice to arrange your own appointment date and time and hospital.


Home Visits

Except in emergencies please ring the surgery before 10:00a.m if you require a home visit.


Student Support

For many students, moving away from home for the first time can be very stressful. More so if you have an existing medical condition. It is very important that you register with a GP. St James is situated within the Baltic Triangle/Chinatown and is ideal for those living close by or working/studying in the city centre.

We also register patients whom do not live within our catchment area and are the only GP practice in Liverpool to offer this service.

At St James, we provide telephone consultations for issues that do not need to be face to face. 80% of conditions can be dealt with by phone e.g.  repeat sick notes, minor ailments and medication advice. However, if you then need a face to face clinical consultation, you will be seen within the next 2-working days. This service is provided on a daily basis and allows you to receive advice without taking time out from your studies.

Our Advance Nurse Prescriber can assess all ailments, prescribe medication and refer on if necessary. Her appointments are bookable on the day and are convenient for medical emergencies.

All appointments at St James can be booked either in person at the reception, by telephone (from 8:30am) or through on-line patient access.

Tests & results

In general, unless the doctor or nurse has specifically asked you to do so, there is no need to ring up for your results. All results are received electronically into the practice and are reviewed by a doctor or nurse. If you have not heard from us, then the clinician is satisfied with the result, and no further action is required.

Hospital requested tests

Please note that if you have had a test which was requested by the hospital at an out-patient appointment or during an in-patient stay, the results will be sent to them, not us. Occasionally they will write to us with those results, but this is not the default. If you have not heard from them and would like to know the result, try contacting their secretary at the hospital.

GP requested tests

The easiest way to access your results is via the online access apps. Visit the online services page for information about how to register.

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We're accepting new patients

Live outside of Liverpool but can’t attend your local GP? We are currently accepting new NHS Out of Area patients who live outside of their practice area. Register today or read more here.


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Patient participation group

We welcome patients to our Patient Participation Group (PPG). All GP practices have PPGs, and they play a crucial role in advising the practice on the patient perspective, and providing insight into the responsiveness and quality of services. Our PPG members are consulted regularly by e-mail with practice ideas & developments to gain feedback, and also meets once each quarter to allow group discussion of important issues.

We welcome a varied selection of patients in the group, to provide representation for underrepresented and seldom heard groups, including patients with mental health conditions or groups with protected characteristics as identified in the Equality Act 2010. If you would like to know more about what the PPG involves then please enquire with our Practice Manager, or ask for a form at Reception.